Reverence and religion in devotion

It’s written within the Ramayana that Hanuman was looking for the lifesaving Sanjivani plant to revive Lakshman throughout the struggle in opposition to Ravana. He knew that it sparkled at night time however Ravana used magic to make your entire mountain on which it grew flashing. So, to verify he discovered the plant, Hanuman lifted your entire mountain and introduced it to Lakshman. In different phrases, nothing is unattainable for a real devotee. For instance, Prahlad had an unflinching religion and reverence that God would shield him.

His father the King ordered that an iron pole be heated till it was crimson scorching, in order that by touching it Prahlad could be burnt to ashes. Prahlad didn’t have any energy besides reverence and an unflinching religion that his Lord is all-powerful and that He would shield him. The extreme warmth of the pole couldn’t do him any hurt and his reverence and religion emerged victorious. That crimson scorching pole couldn’t damage Prahlad. What did Meera Bai have? She too had religion and reverence, on the energy of which, when she put her hand inside a field containing a toxic snake, that snake grew to become a necklace.

That feeling, that reverence is dwindling immediately and that is the explanation persons are unhappy and depressing. Whoever comes with reverence on this Durbar, pondering that that is his residence and he’ll sleep wherever he finds area, will accrue the good thing about many pilgrimages, as a result of this can be a transferring pilgrimage. The group of saints is a travelling pilgrimage, a travelling Prayagraj (the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati). One who comes right here feeling like that, will get the fruit of all of the pious work being accomplished right here. That’s the reason it’s said- ‘‘Ram nam ki loot hai, loot sake to loot Anta Kal pachhatayega, jab pran jayenge chhoot.” “The Data of the Identify is being given away so simply as of late, so get it should you can, in any other case you’ll repent when the time comes so that you can die.” So, it’s important to have reverence and love.

Sadly, as of late now we have emotions for worldly issues however not for God. As soon as, when Lord Brahma was imparting Non secular Data, each gods and demons had been current within the gathering. Brahma is the daddy of all creation, so he had no emotions of prejudice. Contemplating all beings as his offspring, whether or not gods or demons, he began giving satsang and mentioned, “Purchase the Data which is everlasting and indestructible, then solely will you get salvation.” Have a look at any scripture, and you will see that the essence of all of them is human being ought to get salvation. This human physique has been given to us completely for salvation. So Brahma talked about Non secular Data.

Then the gods and demons mentioned, “We now have to get this Data.” Indra, the king of the gods and Virochan, the demon king, stayed there. Each did penance and served Lord Brahma for 32 years to get the Data. A person of immediately says that he should depart as a result of he has to catch a prepare, however in these days Non secular Data was thought of to be so precious that they each went on serving for 32 years. After that, after they went to Brahma Ji, he mentioned, “Know your self. To grasp Non secular Data, you need to first know your self.” To do that they went to a pond and bent right down to look within the water.

They noticed their faces within the pond and mentioned, “We noticed ourselves. We now have acquired Non secular Data.” Then they went to Brahma Ji, who mentioned, “Brothers, when one acquires Non secular Data, he will get indifferent from the world, he experiences boundless bliss.” Each mentioned, “Maharaj, though we didn’t expertise bliss, we noticed ourselves.” When Lord Brahma requested how they noticed themselves, they replied, “We went to a pond and noticed our reflection within the water.” Brahma Ji mentioned, ‘Placed on many ornaments then discover out what you see within the pond.” They dressed themselves up as instructed and went to the pond.

They noticed their reflection in its water and so they appeared very good-looking. Having seen his stunning picture, Virochan thought that he had seen and recognized himself. He had a good-looking face and a high-quality physique and now he had Data. So pondering, he went away and began worshipping his physique, pondering that it have to be maintained correctly, in any other case the Data would develop into ugly. However Indra was not happy. He went to Lord Brahma as soon as once more. He mentioned, “Maharaj, I do not perceive. Initially I noticed myself, then noticed the ornaments that I’m carrying. I appeared so stunning however, Grasp, I need to perceive what’s sustaining this physique itself. My physique wore the ornaments, so what’s that Supreme ingredient of whose decoration is that this physique?

What’s carrying this physique? I need to know that.” Lord Brahma mentioned, “Indra, now you perceive the premise of Non secular Data. Do service after which you’ll get Data.” Indra did penance and repair for one more 32 years. Then Brahma Ji imparted Non secular Data to him. So, one should go to the Non secular Grasp. St. Tulsidas Ji says- “Bandaun guru pad kanj, kripa sindhu nar roop hari. Mahamoh tam punja, jasu vachan ravi karni kar.” “I prostrate to the lotus toes of the Grasp, who’s an ocean of compassion and God in human kind. His phrases act just like the solar in eradicating the darkness of ignorance.” What’s the job of the solar? It’s instrumental in understanding our existence. It lets us see issues that are hidden at nighttime and which we have no idea, which we can not see. When the solar rises, darkness vanishes. In different phrases, on account of ignorance, that which we predict doesn’t exist, that which we don’t settle for in any respect, which we have no idea, turns into recognized to us by the Data imparted by the Grasp.

The sunshine of Data makes it seen and we begin experiencing it. So, all the good souls unfold Non secular Data and united society with the ability of Data. We pray and prostrate to such Masters, who’re just like the solar. The good saints and Masters who lived in India gave the message of Non secular Data, not solely to India, however to the entire world. Nevertheless, on account of our ego, we aren’t in a position to see something forward. As soon as there have been two mountains. One was made from sugar and the opposite of salt. They had been each white in color. Every mountain had an ant dwelling on it. Someday, they met abruptly. The ant who lived on the sugar mountain mentioned, “Sister, my mountain is made from sugar.

Come and go to me someday. I’ll allow you to style the sugar.” The ant from the salt mountain mentioned, “Okay, I will go together with you proper now.” When the salt ant reached the mountain of sugar, she tasted the sugar and mentioned, “There is no such thing as a distinction between my mountain and your mountain. My mountain is salty and your mountain can also be salty. You discuss sweetness for nothing.” The sugar ant was amazed to listen to this. She requested herself, ‘The way it could possibly be so? Why is she not tasting sweetness?’ After giving it loads of thought she mentioned to the ant of the salty mountain, “Sister, open your mouth just a little.” When that ant opened her mouth, the ant of the sugar mountain noticed a chunk of salt mendacity in her mouth.

Then the sugar ant mentioned, “You’ve gotten carried a chunk of salt right here in your mouth, but you need to style the mountain of sugar. Throw away that salt. Solely then will you style the sugar.” Actually, we go to satsang however with the salt of ego mendacity inside. Because of this we do not expertise the bliss which Satguru needs to provide. That is the explanation that we aren’t in a position to expertise the bliss referred to as Sat-Chit-Anand. The Masters taught that we want the help of Non secular Data. It’s our in the beginning obligation to learn the literature and magazines of our Society and encourage others to learn them too.

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