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The Texas spiny lizard is classed as of the very least Concern. Doesn’t qualify for an much more at an elevated danger class. Widespread and considerable taxa are one of many class.

The Texas Spiny Lizard is only a species of phrynosomatid lizard from south USA, Texas and Oklahoma, and northeastern Nuevo León, Mexico in Coahuila, San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas, and so many extra different locations.

The Texas Spiny Lizard is the largest lizard discovered within the Hartman Prehistoric Backyard and might develop to 1 foot. Juveniles are additionally seen as they solar themselves on the rocks.

The Texas Spiny Lizard prefers to reside in mesquite scrub habitat within the southern United States of America the place it eats various bugs and small arthropods.

Description: The Texas Spiny Lizard is a pretty big lizard, averaging 7 to 11 inches lengthy. They’ve a reddish brown colour, with lengthy toes, a protracted tail, and spines on the backs.

The Texas spiny lizard is an arboreal (or tree-living) species recognized for its skillful mountain climbing. The cliff chirping frog is a terrestrial (or ground-living).

* The Texas lizard is an Iguanid kind of lizard and in the same subfamily because the Horned Lizards.

The Texas Spiny Lizard is only a pretty widespread resident of all of Texas.

The texas spiny lizard is accessible on high of a variety in japanese 2/three of their state besides close by the Louisiana border. They’re a big sized lizard, sizes of eight” to assist 11″

Conduct: This sort of diurnal lizard can cover in tree when insecure. Sceloporus olivaceus will probably be adept at climbing and is camouflaged in tree trunks in addition to limbs. This lizard selection primarily eats insect pests, though some small vertebrates could also be consumed


Breeding happens in planting season. Egg clutches (averaging 15 eggs/clutch) are laid though the summer time. Females might lay eggs as a lot as 4 occasions 1 yr.


Sceloporus olivaceus are arboreal and likes mesquite timber, however could also be seen on extra tree species (such whereas pecan, oak, and cedar) together with alongside fences, surfaces, and poles.

Safety Standing:

The Texas spiny lizard will not be actually a protected species in Texas and might be legally collected with a looking license.

Additionally, if you wish to preserve the Texas spiny lizard, please do perceive that having a powerful stand is absolutely as essential as designing the acceptable terrarium. Cages and aquaria might be heavy by themselves, nonetheless the addition of the cage substrate and furnishings will add to the final weight.

A set of any of the small species might be arrange in a 15- to 20-gallon or extra capability terrarium with the correct furnishings. Any sandy or pebbly substrate, genuine or synthetic horizontal or diagonal limbs, the physique diameter of the lizards, and an simply accessible water dish ought to be the predominant theme for all enclosures.

When housing for the Texas spiny lizard, decreasing the variety of limbs and incorporating sloping or flat bits of shale or different flat rock to a correct top will make your lizards really feel extra at residence. Make sure the rocks are securely positioned; your lizards will spend time hiding in good ole’ crevices.

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