Addressing the Myriads of Issues Confronting Ibusa City in Delta State

Everybody who has had the course to surf the web for info concerning Ibusa should have been struck with my quite a few works pertaining to the city; this can’t be gainsaid within the least. My write-ups on Anioma have additionally to a far extent supplied social info on Ibusa as a city inside the Anioma-Igbonoid society. I’m of the opinion that if the quite a few Associations and social golf equipment within the city encourage the youths of the city to hold out scholarly researches on issues bothering in town, the ills in our Ibusa shall be recognized for correctional functions.

It’s shocking that a lot as giant and distinguished because the city seems with realized and distinguished figures, no single communal Each day paper or journal exists for the folks, I’m not conscious of the existence of any after the a lot prized “Ibusa Pathfinder” discovered its approach out of the Nigerian media world. The Ibusa Pathfinder was unbiased, dependable and correct within the info it circulated to the folks of Ibusa and Anioma.

Succesful Ibusa indigenes ought to look the way in which of Ibusa Pathfinder particularly now that authorities assisted developments should not arriving the city. The Organisation for the Development of Anioma Tradition has equally commenced this transfer with the month-to-month publication of “Anioma Essence” that that has come to champion the cultural course of the folks. I solely hope that sooner or later; OFAC will discover causes in opening up a department in Ibusa.

A lot as Chief Fred Ajudua has come underneath heavy criticism within the city, he’s clearly an ideal instance of an undeniable fact group could be developed because of self-development if indigenes give of their finest in the direction of attaining this. This write-up doesn’t got down to sing praises of him however the Historical past of Ibusa will certainly bear in mind him as a person that has contributed his quota to the event of Ibusa. The Umejei Highway stands right this moment as deteriorated as nobody can think about at the same time as many people consider that the highway is simply too slender for heavy obligation automobiles to ply within the first place.

Take into account the truth that the city is blessed with high-profiled politicians, but the city can’t be lit up with electrical energy for moments past minutes by Energy Holding Firm of Nigeria (PHCN) Electrical energy drawback is each pure and nationwide ion Nigeria however the scenario is worst in Ibusa. PHCN had all the time maintained that the city awaited the development of a transformer however right this moment it’s a completely different story, “somebody stole one thing from the transformer” is the information from PHCN. It is a comedown on our high-profiled politicians. Charity ought to start at residence at the very least and this example requires pressing arrest.

Far worst than that is the dearth of unity which the city is thought for. Typically, trivial points concerning age-long traditions and cultures grow to be blown out of proportion and the aged are made to view these points with schism. These points grow to be bancrupt ultimately and everybody begins to marvel on the tenacity with which events concerned keep on with their gun. This trait offers Ibusa infamy.

A number of numbers of authorized fits within the title of the city abound in a number of Excessive Courts of the federation, it will appear that the indigenes dwelling outdoors the city relate extra cordially than these contained in the city. The Ibusa Neighborhood Improvement Union (ICDU) from which a lot of the choices affecting the city emanated from previously should not free from these crises as a faction, Ibusa Affiliation of Nigeria (IPAN) emerged from this group following what native observers described as an irreconcilable distinction in issues. A sure Nnewi Historian as soon as described the indigenes of the city, Ibusa as unruly; a trait he concluded was a hereditary trait and similarity between “Ibusa –Isu” and “Isu-Nnewi from the place he claimed that Umejei the founding father of Ibusa journeyed from.

This unhappy scenario turned exacerbated when the concept of “Obuzor” was bought to the federal government of Delta state. With the efforts of the Delta state authorities emerged which has grow to be the “mom of all controversies” within the city. Completely different teams have completely different interpretations of Obuzor. To some, obuzor means “King of Ibusa” to others it means “Onu Diokpa” (Diokpa’s Messenger.”

Anybody who understood the sturdy attachment the folks of Ibusa have for traditions, cultures and customs would definitely have developed curiosity on the workability of the concept of “Obuzorship” with the continued apply of “Senior Diokpaship.” What the progenitors packaged appeared like one other Diokpaship (King of Ibusa) and even the Supreme Court docket of Nigeria was not omitted on this confusion. For one, what the Supreme Court docket knew judging from the political background of Asaba was the “Asagba of Asaba” which very a lot was comparable with what the folks of Ibusa have been agitating for.  

In my very own opinion, the progenitors of the Obuzor establishment did not get it wholly proper. The thought was good because it was that based mostly on shifting the city ahead to satisfy up with the present societal and political tendencies however badly applied with obviousness. Reformation was crucial however definitely creating what appeared like one other sovereign establishment and the whole thing of ideologies related to it was certain to fail within the first place and deceptive in totality. The thought was good as a result of the concept of Diokpa (i.e. is the oldest man as the pinnacle of a group) is considerably backward when it comes to actual political governance and illustration of the folks to the best stage, settlement of very advanced politics-related issues involving indigenes of the city and people of different communities, illustration of the folks at Aso-Rock Villa and canvassing for the event and betterment of the folks outdoors the nation particularly on this current dispensation are all a part of these.

The Ibusa Neighborhood Improvement Union and Ibusa Progressive Affiliation of Nigeria acknowledge this want which makes the presence of a President crucial as their organizations are composed at current.

Was the senior Diokpa meant to share sovereignty with the Ibusa? Now that the Supreme Court docket has dominated in recognition of Obuzor because the King of Ibusa, what’s the approach ahead? Will we enable the matter as it’s presently to linger on tearing and dividing each obtainable home in opposition to each other? Is it doable to return to establishment even with the ruling of the Supreme Court docket and different future candidates ready to take their turns? There’s now a case of 1 group with two kings. Contemplation of furthering on this scenario will quantity to nothing as a result of it has by no means labored anyplace. Because of this I take objection within the authentic thought as propounded by the progenitors on the premise that there could be the Diokpa and help within the persona of Obuzor. The title of Obuzor is an excessive amount of for an thought like this. The workability would have amounted to the eighth marvel of the world.

The progenitors could have taken a cue from Asaba the place the Asagba reigns however moderately than fold our palms and watch each Quarter divided in opposition to one another with the cry of “Otu Diokpa and “Otu Obuzor renting the air in customary issues of the city one thing optimistic we have to sit down and tackle this example, face it squarely.

Ibusa has a seeming insurmountable drawback of lack of moveable water within the city. Many indigenes of the city nonetheless resort to touring right down to Oboshi, Atakpo and Odiche streams. It is a widespread drawback in Anioma as a complete and must be addressed as a result of the folks now sink bore-holes with unrestricted monopoly to the detriment of the underprivileged who must buy this water. Point out also needs to be product of gully erosion threatening to deliver down many stunning homes within the city, a lot of timber have given methods to this pure catastrophe.

Ordinarily Ibusa ought to be designated by quantity and title of streets, roads, avenues, closes, layouts and so forth. It has additionally been observed that new constructions within the city don’t conform to city planning rules which ensures that sure measurement ought to be noticed from the highway. From the end up of issues in Ibusa now, automobiles may discover it tough driving into their compounds.

Our Ashia-Eke market must be restructured and modernized for the great of the group. I’m conscious that if everlasting constructions are erected the market will routinely convert to a every day market the place transactions can happen each day. The advertising actions now encroach to the most important Umejei Highway as a result of the retailers are too few to accommodate the merchants. Due to this fact what must be executed is building of a extra fashionable market with storey-buildings.

By far the best drawback within the city is dealing with is the issue of safety which the instances of juvenile delinquencies within the city have come to worsen. This case must be addressed urgently lest violence engulfs the entire city.

Source by Emeka Esogbue

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