The Giants That Constructed the Pyramid of Giza

I used to be lately requested whether or not the Giants who helped to construct the pyramid of Giza has the identical DNA as human beings. What’s the association of the double helix? From the questions it turned clear that the idea of the forces of animism that tackle types is but to take a seat nicely with many individuals. However the situation of DNA I’ll deal with in a separate article.

Anybody who has learn my articles on The Pyramid of Giza and The Gods of Our Ancestors can have a greater appreciation of what I’m about to clarify. And it is very important know that these ideas aren’t mine, and that they derive from my understanding of the work In The Gentle Of Reality The Grail Message, a e-book written by a German creator, Oscar Ernst Bernhardt who wrote beneath the pen title, Abd-ru-shin.

The giants we meet in mythology really existed, and are nonetheless in existence at this time. It is just vital so as to add that myths are the realities that we misplaced within the mental closet we locked ourselves in. Thus after we are instructed of an Atlas that stood on mount Atlas and held the sky, we are literally coping with an outline of the truth of a large referred to as Atlas, who resides on mount Atlas, and gave its title to the mountain.The truth is, many mountains have a few of these giants inhabiting them.

One other species of giants are accountable for hurricanes. Their strides, race and actions end in damaging motion of air. They uproot timber and carry water to flood planes.

A distinct species trigger earthquakes and volcanoes. They work in coordinated manner, such that people who type volcanoes function preparers for main earthquakes and earth sinking, as they did within the sinking of Atlantis. I defined this within the article, The Sinking of Atlantis. They’re nonetheless the identical that can be accountable for the sinking of elements of Japan and far of Europe, which can be counter balanced by the rise of Atlantis on the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

They’re those who helped the Incas to construct the temple that was one of the vital costly on the earth, since many elements of the temple and artifacts in it are in strong gold. They had been additionally those who sank it beneath water. At the moment, its recollections are in mythology as a mysterious temple on the backside of a lake which, for present safety causes, I’ll not title. The giants will sooner or later increase the temple when a common earthquake hits the earth, Atlantis rises, and plenty of different political upheavals observe. Then, a brand new instructing will achieve energy with the pressure of a hurricane.

The time is close to when all males’s coronary heart can be gripped with concern, when the nice marvel seems in heaven.

Source by Uche Mbah

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