"Espionage Administration" Half 2. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, KGB and CIA

Particular instruments

three.1 Surveillance

  Precise espionage will not be what you see within the motion pictures and you’ve got completely no likelihood of evasion if an actual skilled surveillance crew is following you. Why? As a result of they use a number of strategies and blended strategies.

I. Bodily surveillance.

three.1.1 Strategies

1. “One line” – officers observe the item forming a line behind him and passing him one after the other.
2. “Two traces” – officers kind two traces on each side of the road.
three. “Circle” – officers block the realm and begin looking out (utilized in case they lose the item).
four. “Fork” – one officer (a automotive) strikes in entrance of the item, one other one — behind, different officers (vehicles) transfer alongside parallel streets.
5. “Field” – used when the item enters grocery store, lodge, restaurant. One or two officers observe the item, the others look ahead to him on the exits.
6. “Demonstration” – officers reveal their presence to press the item and decrease his exercise.
7. “Provocation” – officers assault the item, beat him, steal (secret) paperwork. Usually used to decrease his exercise if he is attempting to play James Bond.
eight. “Outstrip” – officers don’t observe the item as a result of they know precisely the place he is going.
9. “Soccer” – officers cross the item to one another (automotive — a bunch — bicyclist — automotive…)
10. “Film” – the crew watches the item in phases: first day — to the subway solely, second day — from subway to his workplace, and so forth. (used overseas). The crew has to have a feminine member if they’re watching a lady (she may use the women room for a secret assembly) and members of varied ethnicities (white, black, Latino) as a result of the item may go to a selected ethnic space.

three.1.2 Should you’re the item and you’ve got seen surveillance:

Do not rush, transfer on the identical velocity.
Chill out on the nearest bar (and calm down the crew).
Do not present how skilled you might be by attempting to vanish, in any other case they may intensify surveillance and even neutralize you (smash your automotive, beat you up).
Postpone the operation you have been engaged in .
Use a “draught” if that you must see your agent it doesn’t matter what. Change lanes (if you’re driving), cease the automotive after which drive left or proper.

Should you do not see surveillance, which means both there isn’t any surveillance otherwise you’ve failed in counter-surveillance. Discreetly watch the agent who’s coming to fulfill you and attempt to detect any doable surveillance; or you could have been “outstripped.”

three.1.three Surveillance crew errors:

The identical crew follows the item all day lengthy.
The article “guidelines” the crew and calculates it (he strikes sooner — the crew strikes sooner).
A crew member is simply too noticeable (uncommon costume, haircut, disabled elements of the physique, too fats or too skinny, too ugly or too fairly).
The crew begins to go looking doable hiding locations for espionage proof proper after the item leaves (and he could also be watching).
The crew leaves traces after a secret search of the item’s home (workplace).
The crew doesn’t report its errors or the truth that they’ve misplaced the item.
The crew will not be skilled (utilizing infantile tips like leaping out of a subway prepare simply earlier than the doorways shut).

II. Technical Surveillance

1.  Visible surveillance. Executed by way of particular holes within the ceilings and partitions, by way of the home windows from the alternative constructing (automotive) or by putting in the digital camera inside the home (you possibly can substitute one thing, like a clock, for a similar factor however “stuffed” with a digital camera or recorder.) You should utilize informant as nicely to observe the item exterior his home (particularly if you wish to do a secret search).
2.  Listening units. The simplest factor is to hearken to the item’s cellphone (document all calls, together with these dialed “by mistake”).  Should you work inside his residence, be sure you equip the room the place he normally talks. Consideration: keep away from widespread mistake when your agent retains the listening system on his physique; set up a miniature system in his garments or footwear, as a result of the item may strive a take a look at and ask the agent to take off his garments or invite him to the sauna or pool.
three. In case you are working overseas, hear 24/7 to native counterintelligence surveillance radiofrequencies.
four. Studying the mail. Whenever you management the item’s mail, bear in mind he may use a number of addresses and PO packing containers. Open all of the letters with no return tackle or PO field. Watch if you open the letter — the item may go away a tiny piece of paper, hair, and so forth. to verify if anyone opened the letter. Analyze the textual content fastidiously — there could possibly be a cipher or the phrases with double that means (jargon), particularly if you learn mafia mail.
5. Mixture of above-mentioned strategies

three.2 Murders:

three.2.1   Common

Taking pictures, explosives or poison (cyanides, curare). Use a sniper or a “mouse” automotive (loaded with explosives and parked on the item’s route) if entry to the item is not possible due to excessive safety. Anyway, the homicide is clear and investigation is inevitable.

Basic scheme.
The perfect factor to do is to recruit or ” set up” any person with entry to the item’s safety system and get info on his schedule (plus well being and habits), locations the place he likes to calm down. Attempt to achieve entry to his cellphone.
Then put together the plan and prepare three teams: surveillance (with optics and radios), motion (consists of snipers, explosives technicians or staged accidents specialists), and safety (these folks neutralize bodyguards, witnesses and different individuals who may interrupt the motion; they full the motion if the motion group fails; they usually can neutralize the motion group later, if deliberate so; they “cowl” the secure retreat of motion group and “reduce” the chase).
For some operations you possibly can modify the ammunition to make it extra lethal – hole cuts within the tip of the bullets will trigger the result in fragment upon influence, making an enormous exit gap. You attain identical impact utilizing bullets with a drop of mercury in a hole tip and it’s also possible to coat bullets with arsenic or cyanide. Use depleted, non-radioactive uranium bullets (uranium is far heavier than lead – it may be used to make a bullet with a smaller slug and a bigger portion of explosive). Teflon bullets are good as a result of with Teflon’s antifriction traits they pierce bullet proof vests.

three.2.2  Advanced

  Staged accidents (suicides, catastrophes, drowning or fall, theft or rape adopted by homicide, technical accident (fireplace, electrical energy, fuel), medication, weapons, poison, explosives misuse. Additionally, staged pure loss of life (stroke, coronary heart assault, continual sickness on account of particular technical units like irradiation).
 Consideration: you possibly can conceal injection websites by selecting areas that would not be simply detected, similar to fingernails or toenails. For staged accidents you should use acetone (absorption of enormous portions through both the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract ends in decreased respiration, stupor and loss of life); carbon monoxide — acetylene fuel, illuminating fuel (coal fuel), vehicle fuel, furnace fuel; or a easy novocaine + espresso mixture. In some circumstances nonbacterial meals poisoning is appropriate. It may possibly happen following the ingestion of (1) sure species of mushrooms similar to Amanita Muscaria, which incorporates the poisonous alkaloid muscarine, and Amanita Phalloides, which incorporates phalloidin or different toxins, (2) immature or sprouting potatoes, the energetic poison of which is colanin, (three) mussels — loss of life might happen on account of respiratory failure, (four) grain, particularly rye, which has turn out to be contaminated with the ergot fungus, Claviceps Purpurea. Ergot incorporates quite a few energetic ideas together with ergotoxin, tyramine and ergamin (histamine), (5) fruits sprayed with salts of lead or arsenic and meals saved in cadmium-lined containers.
 Staged botulism is efficient, too. It is an acute intoxication manifested by neuromuscular disturbances, following ingestion of meals containing a toxin, elaborated by Clostridium botulinum, a standard soil bacillus. The illness is at all times attributable to the ingestion of improperly preserved meals, normally a home-canned product, during which the toxin has been produced throughout the development of the causative organism. The spores of Clostridium botulinum are extremely proof against warmth; in water they require publicity for five hours at 212°F to make sure their loss of life.
  The preserved meals whereby the toxin is mostly discovered are string beans, corn, spinach, olives, beets, asparagus, sea meals, pork merchandise and beef. The mortality of botulism could also be as excessive as 65 per cent. A lot of the deadly circumstances die between the 2nd and ninth days following the ingestion of the toxin. Dying normally outcomes from respiratory paralysis or from secondary bronchopneumonia. In those that survive, the illness normally reaches its peak within the first days of sickness. Restoration is characteristically very gradual and residual weak point of the ocular muscular tissues might persist for a lot of months.
  Some circumstances demand utilization of poisons, each natural — like concentrated nicotine that enters the physique by way of pores and skin or concentrated inhalation of horseradish, garlic or rotten meat, which causes respiration paralysis; poisons extracted from rattlesnake, cobra, stonefish, and inorganic — arsenic, thallium, cyanides. Teflon can generate a lethal methane fuel; or carbon tetrachloride might be boiled or burnt in order that it offers off deadly phosgene fuel. Any poison could possibly be blended with an agent that enters the physique by way of the pores and skin and takes something with it.
 In opposition to terrorists, use their very own weapons — excessive and low explosives. Excessive explosives embody TNT (trinitrotoluene), nitroglycerine, dynamite, plastique. Nitroglycerine is a mixture of nitric acid (made by mixing saltpeter, potassium nitrate and sulfuric acid, then heating them and condensing the fumes), pure sulfuric acid and glycerin. TNT (nitric acid, sulfuric acid, toluene) is way extra secure. Plastique consists of cyclotrimethylene trinitramine, isomethylene and motor oil.
 Low explosives – gasoline, saltpeter, picric acid, acetone peroxide, urea nitrate.
 Many components like gasoline, paraffin naphtha, acetone, swimming-pool cleaner, high-nitrogen fertilizer are typically obtainable. Saltpeter is extracted from any soil with previous decayed animal or vegetable matter – pour boiling water by way of, filter the water by way of wooden ash, boil resolution, take away salt crystals and go away the remaining resolution to evaporate till solely the potassium nitrate (saltpeter) crystals are left.
 Blended with sulfur, lampblack and sawdust it turns into a black powder. Urea nitrate includes boiling a big amount of urine right down to one-tenth of its quantity, mixing that with nitric acid and filtering for the urea nitrate crystals. Like saltpeter, these crystals are utilized in pipe bombs. Picric acid is used as explosive or as a booster for prime explosives. Very simple factor to make is nitrogen tri-iodide — filter ammonia by way of iodine crystals and when the ensuing brown sludge dries, it’s going to explode on contact.
 Fertilizer blended with gasoline oil can be utilized in a pipe bomb.
 A 5-pound bag of flour used with a small quantity of low explosive and an incendiary similar to aluminum powder can create a mud explosion large enough to demolish a room.
 Swimming pool cleaner is utilized in pipe prices. Bleach, acetone and sulfuric acid mixed can kind a main explosive. The explosive substance from a business detonating product might be blended with acetone and mineral oil — then a e book or newspaper is soaked within the resolution, and dried, to create a robust explosive that may be detonated with a blasting cap.
 Use incendiaries (firebombs) like a Molotov cocktail — a combination of gasoline and oil in a corked bottle with a gasoline-soaked rug as a fuse. Comparable is the fireplace bottle with combination of gasoline and sulfuric acid. 
 Gentle bulbs might be booby trapped with explosives. Letter and parcel bombs might be made with friction-sensitive tabs.

three.three   Coup d’etat

Coups, like warfare, are some of the violent instruments of particular providers and one could possibly be artificially staged in a goal nation by “feeding” and “pushing” the political opposition or through the use of VIP brokers within the authorities. Most coups are “Bureaucratic,” and entail primarily a change of chief, normally by particular person #2. That particular person may be the set off or may be induced to observe “passive sabotage” and permit sure others to take over.  It is usually an instance of political engineering. Coups normally use the ability of the prevailing authorities for its personal takeover.

  Circumstances for a profitable coup:
-the military is supportive or no less than impartial (a coup normally includes management of some energetic
-portion of the navy whereas neutralizing the rest of the armed providers)
-the chief is out of city (trip, go to overseas) or is in poor health
-a political or financial disaster.
-opponents fail to dislodge the plotters, permitting them to consolidate their place, get hold of  the give up or acquiescence of the populace, and declare legitimacy

three.three.1  Army Coup

Altering a civilian authorities to a navy one, normally in growing international locations.
Circumstances: a long-term political and financial disaster that threatens nationwide safety and the unity of the nation. Army chief(s) finally let the folks elect a civilian president and kind a civilian authorities after “re-construction” of political and financial methods. They normally go away for themselves the best to regulate additional political course of. instance is the try of anti-Nazi officers to assassinate Hitler in a coup. On July 20, 1944, Colonel Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg introduced a bomd-laden suitcase right into a briefing room the place Hitler was holding a gathering. The bomb exploded and a number of other individuals have been killed. Hitler ws wounded, however his life was saved when the suitcase  was unwittingly moved away by  somebody. Hitler was shielded from the blast by the convention desk, leaving him with minor accidents. Subsequently about 5,000 folks have been arrested by the Gestapo and about 200,together with Stauffenberg, have been executed in reference to try, some on the exact same day (which signifies that Himmler was concerned and knew completely nicely concerning the coup).

three.three.2  “Democratic” Coup

A democratic coup can be a change of the federal government by essentially the most aggressive (nationalistic) political get together.
-artificial or precise authorities disaster
-mass anti-government propaganda
-organized “democratic” motion all around the nation
-provoked mass protests (10,000 particiapants and up) and civil disobedience actions
 To impress a mass anti-government assembly you must convey to the place well-trained group of agitators (convey as many as you possibly can), and they’re going to inevitably entice an equal variety of curious individuals who search adventures and feelings, in addition to these sad with the federal government (unemployed folks, younger and previous, are normally very supportive). Organize transportation of the contributors to take them to assembly locations in non-public or public autos. Design placards, flags and banners with completely different  radical slogans or key phrases; put together flyers,pamphlets (with directions for the contributors), posters and indicators (to make the focus extra noticeable). It is good in the event you place a surveillance group on the highest flooring of the close by buildings  – they may report any adjustments within the occasion; have additionally messengers to transmit your orders.Bear in mind, in the event you conflict with police and navy and a participant(s) is being killed, the battle inflames immediately.
 Your folks can even infiltrate  the spontaneous anti-government assembly and switch it ito a mass radical demonstration with fights and incidents. Key agitators (with safety hooked up to them) need to be dispersed and stand by placards, indicators, lampposts; they need to keep away from locations of disturbances, as soon as they’ve provoked them.
-the chief of the assembly should be protected by a hoop of bodyguards (they defend him from police or assist him to flee).
-government buildings  should be “lined” by a blockade
“Democratic” nationalistic coup in Ukraine (2004), so-called “orange revolution”. State of affairs: acts of civil disobedience, strkes, sit-ins (within the central sq.), agressive propaganda, mass calls for to revote the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election.

three.three.three Revolution

A change of presidency and political and financial methods by political gangsters, normally fed, pushed, incited, and probably funded and geared up by the key providers of one other nation. (Even the American Revolution wouldn’t have succeeded with out French navy advisors and monetary assist.) Authorities buildings are blockaded, the federal government remoted, all communications and transportation methods captured, authorities media closed, new authorities shaped.
-political and financial disaster
-mass anti-government propaganda (within the military too)-provoked mass protests and civil disobedience actions -terror and concrete guerillas

three.three.four Self-coup

The present authorities assumes extraordinary powers not allowed by the laws. It usually occurs when the president is democratically elected, however later takes management of the legislative and judicial powers.

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